About Us

Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop services that significantly improve the lives of several people. We strive to bring the best the world has to offer through an agile paradigm shift with forward looking hindsight. Fezent provides complimentary reductive supply chains to expanding tertiary markets by block chaining towards the future, while simultaneously fostering a corporate culture of micro-aggressive interactivity.

Our core team consists of consultants with experience in product placement, workspace formatting, image reviews, and work/life contextualizing. Our team has provided consulting services to many well known corporate conglomerates and strives to further competitive goal settling on a global scale.

We're a fully international company with offices located in Prague, Hong-Kong, Berlin, Houston, Dubai, and Karlsruhe. Our extensive collection of products and services are available worldwide (excluding jurisdictions which prohibit mailing live armadillos). Since 1982 Fezent has been a publicly traded company on the Mongolian Stock Exchange with an unrivaled track record in economic growth.

Our Staff

Raúl Nongracious

Founder & CEO

  • Executive Board Member
  • Content Creator
  • Game Designer

Benevolent corporate czar, long-term business strategist, and majority shareholder.

Henry Stanley

Founder & CTO

  • Executive Board Member
  • Illustrator & Photographer
  • Head System Administrator

Programming savant, techno-shaman, and official maintainer of all office aquaculture facilities.

Dr. Armand

Company Doctor

  • Executive Board Member
  • Social Media Manager
  • Medical Quack in Training

Entrepreneurial medical practitioner, curry connoisseur, and aspiring D.J.

Benjamin Moody

Human Resources

  • Executive Board Member
  • Professional Wordsmith
  • Chief Newsletter Editor

Sitting chairman of the weekly meeting, mail-room gnome, and company history buff.

Dominic Senarsky

Inhouse Musician

  • Team Member
  • Skateboard Model
  • Standby Adult Film Actor

Official company eSport player, and passionate producer studying the unique styles and sounds of all musical genres.

Tamás Kemény

Chief Codemonkey

  • Team Member
  • Corporate Meme Consultant
  • Olympic Beer Drinker

Certified genius mathlete, professional developer, and head of the party planning committee.

Niklas Jannborg

Artist & Company Trainer

  • Team Member
  • Painting Guru
  • Office Ninja

Plant-based-diet vanguard, parkour enthusiast, and expert cat wrangler.

Èmile Kønmann

Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Team Member
  • Lead Codebase Prototyper
  • Bureaucrat

Frequent skeptic, pianist in training, and known Man-Cheeta impersonator.

Lukáš Čejka

Internal Communications

  • Team Member
  • Testing & Quality Control
  • Company Wellness Officer

Professional developer, and corporate gym-master.

Max Powers

R&D Lab Head

  • Team Member
  • Hardware Tinkerer
  • Keyboard Guru

Evil scientist in charge of the company Research & Development laboratory.

Alex Ocheretyany

Treasurer & CFO

  • Team Member
  • Corporate Bean Counter
  • Wealthy Oligarch

Pretty alright guy. Potentially a ghost.

Anthony Tsang / 曾熙堯

Artist & Spiritual Guru

  • Associate
  • Illustrator & Author
  • Piano Wunderkind

Company spiritual scholar, functional programmer, and secret zen master.

Christopher Aust

Programmer & Security Consultant

  • Associate
  • Head of Darknet Operations
  • Freelance Hacker

Cyber-Landsknecht, and annual corporate roast master of ceremony.

Monica Mills

Artist & Educator

  • Associate
  • Painter, Sculptor, & Trained Musician
  • Author & Editor Extraordinaire

Civil rights artivist, twitter poet, and digital-nomad.

Our Projects


An Experimental Music Label

Birdfeed is an international music label with a focus on new an upcoming sounds.

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Dirt Miner

Corporate Mining Simulator 2021

Dirt Miner lets you experience the life of a Fezent corporate drone working in one of our many soil collection facilities.

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Online Voxel Sandbox

Paint away in a virtual 3D voxel based community art project.

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A Programmable Virtual Space

Tartarus is a multi-user text-based virtual universe that allows for in-game objects to be programmed and played with.

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